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Facts you need to know about Epson Inkjet printers and Printheads Samantha 12/10/2018 0 Comment(s) Epson micro piezo printhead,

Written by: Samantha Li    

Facts you need to know about Epson Inkjet printers and Printheads   

Epson has lead the innovation of printing technology since the company was founded in 1968. They are the leading brand for printers, scanners, professional imaging, projector, system devices and factory automation solution. Fast forward today, people have always anticipated the launch of Epson’s new printers and series in hopes of redefining the technology of printing, and they are not disappointed. Some of us always dreamt of buying the latest in technology however we have little knowledge about the technology. For many people, as long as it prints good images we are okay with just anything. It’s about time we understand what makes the images life like and which printer is best for our personal or business use.  



Mainly, the wide options of printers can be categorized into two, for home and for work. Amongst the many printers and series that Epson offers, the following will let us know more about the Epson Stylus, Sure color and Workforce printers. Specifically, we will take a glance at the amazing technology of Epson’s printheads, the image quality and for what functions these printers are most suitable for. 


Epson Stylus Pro Printer 

This printer features the high-performance Epson Stylus Pro printhead called MicroPiezo TFP® with 360 nozzles per channel. The print head houses ten separate ink channels. It offers unique color gamut in order to produce superb professional quality prints. Typically used for large format with plain paper sizes from A4 to A2. 


The Epson Stylus Pro features the Maximize color expansion has a wider range of coverage due to the 10-color ink set which includes the colors green and orange. Images have more accurate color and smoother blend delivering true to life images. It also has “Automatic Paper Loading” feature which offers ease of filling up to 250 pages, cutting with flexible roll and cut sheet. It prints fast and has the SpectroProofer that automates the workflow of color management. It boasts the automatic switching between Matte Black or Photo Black reducing manual operation and ink waste. It also saves power and cost with the “Auto off Mode” where the printer is turned off when it is unused for a long time. You need to adjust the default 8 hour setting from 1 hour to 24 hours. 

Epson Sure color Printer 

This printer features Epson Surecolor printhead with PrecisionCore TFP technology, the most advanced inkjet ever developed. The technology of PrecisionCore provides ultra-precise dot size control, placements and shapes. The nozzles are able to produce a wide variety of droplet sizes which allows clear detail and fast filling of large spaces in a single printhead pass. The printer lineup delivers astonishing performance for the professional printing business and unsurpassed color matching proficiency. Typically used for professional gallery photographs and artworks. 


Furthermore, the printer has USB port and port for Ethernet connection. This allows photographers to easily print their pictures from the USB or via cloud. The P-series of Surecolor printers are capable of printing up to 44 inches wide and cut-sheet media of up to 1.5 mm thick.  


Epson Workforce Printer 

These series features the Epson Workforce printhead with Precision Core technology as well. However, the workforce series for enterprise differs since it uses line head instead but with the same technology. The enterprise workforce series has an ink system which can last up to 84,000 pages which means minimum intervention and almost hassle free. These multifunction printers can scan upto 25 pages per minute.  



The workforce series also has scanners built together with fax and copying functions perfect for offices or businesses requiring compact equipment with multiple functions.It also offers monochrome printers with the same PrecisionCore technology for its printhead designed for small workgroups. These printers are multifunctional,can work with less intervention, supports two sided printing, a paper capacity of 580 sheets maximum and its cartridge can last up to 10,000 pages. The monochrome printers is best for cost effective printing which do not need color images but still produce high quality black ink blended output.

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