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Fujitsu print head

Fujitsu Print Head

Model: FTP - 428
      Item specification : :Fujitsu FTP - 428McL501 dot matrix printhead 58mm printerModel : FTP - 428McL501rPrint method : thermalPrint Speed : 90mm/secTemp : 0-50Print width : 48mmPaper width : 58mmDot : 5 dot/mmVoltage : 8.5VDimession : 35*65*25mmDuration : 50KMPower : 3WNet W..
Ex Tax:$38.00
Model: FTP-627
      Item specification : :Fujitsu FTP 627 MCL 401 shuttle impact dot matrix printhead 58mm printerModel : FTP-627MCL401Fujitsu FTP 627 dot matrix printhead MCL 401 58mm printer & cutterCan be used forFUJITSU FTP-627MCL401 58mm thermal printer with cutter Remarks : New orig..
Ex Tax:$85.00
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