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01 Jun Switzerland SwissQprint Introduced A New Flatbed Printer--Kudu
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Switzerland SwissQprint Introduced a new flatbed printer--Kudu, named after a species of antelope. this is a3.2 x 2m machine, using UV LED Cured ink designed to provide a higher level of productivity than the company's existing flatbeds.The company a..
23 May More Than Ten EFI VUTEK Inkjet Printers in UK Printing Factory
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The EFI VUTEk Q5r sold by CMYUK has been installed at the spray painting factory Hollywood Monster in Birmingham, UK, in response to record-breaking demand for four months. This is the tenth VUTEk printer the company has purchased from CMYUK, a relat..
02 Aug How to Buy and Identify an Epson Piezoelectric Printhead
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How to Buy and Identify an Epson Piezoelectric Printhead   Written by: Samantha             How to Buy and Identify an Epson Piezoelectric Printhead      There are two types of print heads, thermal and piezoelectric. Thermal printheads use heat..
15 Sep Digital printing versus Screen Printing
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Digital printing versus Screen Printing    Written by: Samantha Li         Introduction    Printing is an process of producing hard copies of an image on a paper or on any printable material. The method was popular among artists who transfe..
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