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Epson ERC-38B 30B 34B ribbon cartridge dot matrix tape black

Epson ERC-38B 30B 34B ribbon cartridge dot matrix tape black
Epson ERC-38B 30B 34B ribbon cartridge dot matrix tape black
  • Stock: 1000
  • Model: ERC-30B 34B
  • Weight: 0.21kg
  • Dimensions: 12.00cm x 8.00cm x 6.00cm
  • SKU: RB-CTG-ERC-30B 34B
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Ex Tax: $29.50

      Item specification : :

Epson ERC-38B 30B 34B ribbon cartridge black

Black carbon ribbon tap

ERC 38B 38 ERC 30B 34B
Color : Black
Remarks : New original
Quantity : 10 pieces

Epson ERC-38B 30B 34B ribbon cartridge black for Epson Micros Olympia Panasonic receipt printer

Brand name: Epson
Compatible with :
TM-U220A U220B U220D TM-U200A U200B U200D
TM-U210A U210B U210D TM-U230 TM-U210AR
TM-300A 300B 300C 300D U300A U300B U300C U300D
ERC-30 / ERC-34 / ERC-38 Ink Ribbon Cartridge
Epson 270  Epson 300 D  Epson ERC-30 
Epson ERC-34  Epson ERC-38  Epson M 115 A TM-U375 
Epson M 119  Epson M 119 B  Epson M 119 D  Epson M 133 A 
Epson M 17-JB  Epson M 188 B  Epson M 270  Epson M 52-JB 
Epson M 63-UA  Epson TM-200 UB Prep Printer 
Epson TM-267 II  Epson TM-270  Epson TM-270 II  Epson TM-300 A 
Epson TM-300 B  Epson TM-300 C  Epson TM-300 D  Epson TM-300 PD 
Epson TM-300 Series  Epson TM-U200  Epson TM-U200 A Receipt & Journal 
Epson TM-U200 B Kitchen Receipt/Ticket  Epson TM-U200 D  Epson TM-U210 B 
Epson TM-U210 D  Epson TM-U220  Epson TM-U220 A  Epson TM-U220 B  Epson TM-U220 D 
Epson TM-U230  Epson TM-U300 D  Epson TM-U300 Receipt Ptr  Epson TM-U325 Validation/Receipt Ptr 
Epson TM-U370  Epson TM-U375 

Epson ERC-38B 30B 34B ribbon cartridge black for Samsung Sharp Siemens receipt printer

Micros 1200 W  Micros 1300 W Main  Micros 1320 W Main  Micros 1370 W Main  Micros 1390 W Main 
Micros 1700 Main Ptr  Micros 2415 W Main  Micros 2700 Receipt & Journal Ptr  Micros 4000 W 
Micros 400-344 Main Ptr  Micros 4300-395 Main Ptr  Micros Autocut 2000 
NCR 7455  NCR K910 Journal Ptr  Nikko NK-400  Norand 4810 
Olympia ADP-300 Ticket Ptr  Omniprint OM-100  Omniprint OM-200  Omniprint OPC-200 
Panasonic JS-7000 Main  Panasonic JS-7500 Remote  Panasonic JS-8000 Remote Ptr 
Panasonic JS-9000 Remote Ptr  Panasonic PM300  Panasonic PM308 
POS-X XR210 
Samsung SRP-270  Samsung SRP-275 
Sharp ER-2975  Sharp ER-3210  Sharp ER-A750 
Siemens 70 Beetle Printer  Siemens Beetle 70 
TEC RE-2000 Slip  TEC RE-2500 Slip Ptr  TEC RE-3000 Slip Ptr  TEC RE-3500 Slip Ptr 
Towa ET 1420 
Woojin ADP-200  Woojin ADP-300  Woojin ADP-400 
Epson Kitchen Printers, Samsung SRP-270, SRP-Samsung 275 and Point of Sale Printers
Nu-kote Model NUKBM506 Black Ribbon

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