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mimaki plotter parts

Mimaki printer parts supplies

Model: STP-MMK-315
      Item specification : Mimaki encoder strip raster film tape Width: 15 mm ( 0.78 inch) Neight weight : 15g / piece Gross weight : 45g / piece Quantity : 1 piece Mimaki JV3 encoder stripFit for following printer model: Mimaki JV3 JV3-130 etc. printers   Note: This..
Ex Tax:$27.80
      Item specification :  Ink pump for Mimaki Mutoh Roland Products: 1 piece ink pump for Mimaki JV33 JV3 JV4 etc. printers Condition: New brand Compatibility printer: For Mimaki JV3/JV4/JV5/JV33/JV22 For Mimaki JV3 Series (jv3-160, jv3-250) For Mimaki JV4 Series ..
Ex Tax:$21.00
Model: MMK-SNS-JV4
      Item specification :  Mimaki printer sensor JV4 printer pump assembly capping detector Mimaki printhead capping station reader JV4 printhead station detective sensor Mimaki JV4 printer head detective sensor solvent ..
Ex Tax:$16.80
Model: MMK-FFC-DX4
      Item specification :  Mimaki JV22 JV3 printer head cable Mimaki JV22 JV3 printer dx4 nozzle line Mimaki JV3 JV4 printer head cable It compatible with Mimaki JV22 JV3 JV4 TS3 TX2 TS2 format inkjet printers Length : 35 cm ..
Ex Tax:$9.80
Model: MMK-BLT-38
      Item specification :  Mimaki printer CR belt Mimaki JV33 JV4 JV22 printer rubber timing belt Model : S2M-380 Width / height : 15 mm / 10 mm Perimeter : 380 mm / 14.96 inch  Mimaki JV33 printer rubber belt Mimaki JV3 JV33 Y-axis..
Ex Tax:$18.00
Model: MMK-FFC-JV22L
      Item specification :  Mimaki JV22 printer trailing cable 40-pin Mimaki JV3 printer mainboard long cable Mimaki JV4 printer long cable Parameters :1.25*40*3500 B Length : 3500 mm Width : 51 mm Connector : different side , opposite side Mimaki TS2 printhead noz..
Ex Tax:$12.50
Model: Mimaki pump -JV33
      Item specification : :Mimaki JV5 solvent printer ink pump 160sp JV3-250 JV3-250spCompatible Mimaki printer with dx4 dx5 printhead Mimaki JV22 JV3 printer ink pump JV3-250 JV3-250sp JV3-160spMimaki  TX2 JV4 JV33 JV5 CJV30 JV22 JV3 ((JV3-130, JV3-130sp, JV3-160, JV3-16..
Ex Tax:$41.50
Model: MMK-FFC-JV33L
      Item specification :  Mimaki JV33 printer trailing cable 30-pin 50-pin Mimaki JV34 printer mainboard long cable Mimaki JV33-160 printer long trailing cable Parameters :1.25*30*3050 B ; 0.5* 50*3050 B ; 1.0*30*3850*B ; 1.0*28*3850*B Length : 3050 mm /&n..
Ex Tax:$15.80
Brand: ADSNMK Model: STP-LPI
      Item specification : Mimaki JV33 encoder ribbon tape for Mimaki JV33 JV33-130 JV33-160 inkjet printer encoder sensor with raster film tape Thick holeProduct features:Mimaki raster strip-Use for Mimaki JV33 CJV30 TS3 160 solvent plotter printerFeature-hole rasterWidth-15mm..
Ex Tax:$15.00
Model: MMK-ENCD-JV33
      Item specification :  Mimaki JV5 encoder strip sensor JV33 encoder strip reader Mimaki JV33 TS3 grating encoder strip optical sensor Mimaki JV5 TS5 printer encoder sensor Net weight : 10 g per piece Gross weight : 32&nb..
Ex Tax:$26.00
Model: STP-MMK-3315
      Item specification : Mimaki  JV300 TS3 encoder strip raster film tape Width: 15 mm ( 0.78 inch) Neight weight : 15g / piece Gross weight : 45g / piece Quantity : 1 piece Mimaki CJV30-60 CJV30-BS printer grating strip Mimaki TS3 CJV30-BS  Fit for following prin..
Ex Tax:$26.00
Model: Damper JV33
      Item specification : :Mimaki dx5 printer ink damper JV5-320DS TPC-1000 TS3-1600 TS5-1600Ink compatibility  : ECO solvent ,  water baseMimaki JV33 solvent printer ink damper TS3 TS5 JV5 CJV30Compatible with Mimaki CJV30-60 / CJV30-100 / CJV30-130 / CJV30-160 / CJV3..
Ex Tax:$18.00
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