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Roland plotter parts

Roland Plotter Parts

Brand: ADSNMK Model: Redsail-VC
      Item specification ::3M/300CM Length Cutting Plotter Protection Guard Strip Roland GCC Mimaki Graphtec Vinyl Cutter Liyu Redsail Rabbit Blade ProtectModel: Vinyl Cutter Protective StripWidth: 4/6/7.9/8/14/5mm Thickness: 0.5/0.8mm Package included: 10 Meters Vinyl Cutter Pro..
Ex Tax:$7.00
      Item specification :  Mimaki DX4 printhead wiper blade holder Mimaki JV22 wipers holder JV3 rubber holder Mimaki JV4 TS2 printhead wiper holder Mutoh Roland DX4 printhead wiper holder printer nozzle rubber blade ..
Ex Tax:$11.50
Model: Pcut cable-CT1200
      Item specification : :Pcut cutting plotter DB9 DB25 cable CT 630 900 1200 cutter output lineParameters Connector : DB9 to DB25Length : 5 meters / 16 feetIt compatible with Creation Pcut Kingcut Roland Mimaki plotters  Pcut CT 630 ;Pcut CT 900 ;Pcut CT 1200 ;P..
Ex Tax:$34.00
Model: RD-FH-74SO
      Item specification : Roland FH-740 printer servo board Roland FH-740 printer printhead board Compatible with Roland FH-740 printers Remarks : used Quantity : 1 piece..
Ex Tax:$568.00
Model: RD-SC-64SV
      Item specification : Roland SC-540 printhead board Roland SC-740 printer servo board Roland SJ-740 printer printhead board Compatible with Roland DX4 printhead printer FJ-540 SC-740 SJ740-740 printers Parts No.: 29..
Ex Tax:$186.00
Model: RD-FP-74SV
      Item specification : Roland FP 740K printhead board Roland FP-740K printer servo board Roland FP-740 printer printhead board Compatible with Roland FP-740 740K printers Remarks : used Quantity : 1 piece..
Ex Tax:$832.00
Model: RD-RE-64SV
      Item specification : Roland RE640 RF640 carriage board 1000006498 Roland RE-640 printer servo board Roland RF-640 printer carriage board Compatible with Roland RE-640 RF-640K printers Remarks : used Quantity : 1 p..
Ex Tax:$528.00
Model: RD-RA-64SV
      Item specification : Roland RS640 main board Roland RS-640 printer servo board Roland RS-640 printer mainboard Compatible with Roland RS-640 printers Remarks : used Quantity : 1 piece..
Ex Tax:$825.00
Model: RD-DX-7VNL
      Item specification : Roland RS-640 operate keyboard panel Roland RA-640 printer operating panel Roland RE-640 printer keyboard panel Compatible with Roland RS640 RA640 RE640 printers Remarks : new Quantity : 1 piec..
Ex Tax:$42.00
Model: RD-DX7-CTL
      Item specification : Roland RS-640 temperature control pcb card Roland RA-640 printer temperature control card Roland RE-640 printer temperature control pcb Compatible with Roland RS640 RA640 VS640 RF640 printers Re..
Ex Tax:$28.00
Model: RD-CLP-SJ
      Item specification : Roland FJ-740 media clamp FJ-540 printer paper holder Roland SJ-640 printer media clamp SJ-740 paper clamp holder Can be used with :   FJ-740 FJ-540 SJ-740 SJ-540 SJ-640 SJ-645EX SJ-745EX ..
Ex Tax:$24.50
Model: Roland holder-RD
      Item specification : :Vinyl cutting plotter / cutter blade Roland cutting plotter blade 30 45 60 degree cutter knifeYou are buying box of 5 blades for Roland vinyl cutters. If you are not sure if this blade is compatible to your cutter, please email us a photo of your old b..
Ex Tax:$10.80
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