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Mimaki cutting plotter blade 30 45 60 degree 19mm 1.5mm

Mimaki cutting plotter blade 30 45 60 degree 19mm 1.5mm

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Mimaki cutting plotter blade 30 45 60 degree 19mm 1.5mm
  • Stock: 1000
  • Model: Mimaki Blade-CG
  • Weight: 0.12kg
  • Dimensions: 16.00cm x 8.00cm x 5.00cm
110 sold
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      Item specification : :

Mimaki vinyl cutting plotter blade

19mm * 1.5mm cutter blade

You are buying box of 5 blades and 1 piece of blade holder for Creation vinyl cutters. If you are not sure if this blade is compatible to your cutter, please email us a photo of your old blades and we will identify it for you.

High quality and extra long life
Suitable for all Mimaki plotters
Blade size: 20mm (Length) x about 1.5mm (diameter)
Available angles for difference condition: 30, 45 ,60 degree
Knifepoint Offset 0.25 and 450-1500

Mimaki vinyl cutting plotter 19mm * 1.5mm cutter knife 30 45 60 degree blade

vinyl cutting blade, long life blades
Superior blades for sharpness and durability
Superior cutting of the most intricate designs
Remarks : new
Quantity : blade 5 pieces

Plotter compatibilities :

Mimaki CG-50, CG-60EX, CG-60SR, CG-60SRIII, CG-60st, CG-75FX, CG-75FXII, CG-90SD, CG-100EX, CG-100LX, CG-100SD, CG-100SRII, CG-100SRIII, CG-130EX, CG-130FX, CG-130FXII, CG-130Lx, CG-130SRIII, CG-160FX, CG-160FXII, CG-101, CG-45, CG-61, CG-100SD, CG-90AP.

Mimaki CF2-0912RC, CF2-0912RT, CF2-0912T, CF2-0912TD, CF2-0912TF, CF2-1215RC, CF2-1215RT, CF2-1215T, CF2-1215TD, CF2-1215TF, CF2-1218RT, CF2-1218T, CF2-1218TD, CF2-1218TF, CF2-0907RC, CF2-0907RT, CF2-0907T, CF2-0907TD, CF2-0907TF, CF3-1610R1, CF3-1610TF2, CF3-1631R1, CF3-1631TF2, CFS-1313, CFR-1220, CF-0907-2, CF-0912-2, CF-1215-2, CF-1218-2.

Mimaki CJV30-60, CJV30-60BS, CJV30-100, CJV30-100BS, CJV30-130, CJV30-130BS, CJV30-160, CJV30-160BS, TPC-1000.

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