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Mutoh small uv ink damper foil film Rockhopper printer

Mutoh small uv ink damper foil film Rockhopper printer
Mutoh small uv ink damper foil film Rockhopper printer
  • Stock: 1000
  • Model: MT-DMP-UV-SMV
  • Weight: 0.12kg
  • Dimensions: 10.00cm x 8.00cm x 6.00cm
110 sold
Ex Tax: $16.50

      Item specification :

Mutoh printer small uv ink damper foil film

Mutoh RJ-900C 1300 printer small foil film uv ink damper
Mutoh Valuejet VJ-1204 1604W 1304 printer ink damper with silver film

Mutoh dx2 dx3 dx4 dx5 printhead silver film ink filter VJ-1204 RJ-900C VJ-1304 printer
Mutoh printer small uv ink damper compatible with uv printer

Mutoh Valuejet VJ-1604W VJ-1304 VJ-1204

Mutoh RJ-900C RJ-901C RJ-900X RJ-901X RJ-1300

Mutoh RJ-8000 8100 900C 1304E printer ;

Mutoh Rockhopper Spitfire Blizzard

Mutoh RockHopperII(RHII)/FalconII/ Spitfire/ToucanLT (Mutoh Rockhopper II 50 / Rockhopper II 64 / Rockhopper II 87 / Rockhopper II K Plus / Rockhopper II-2H / Rockhopper II-4H / Rockhopper 3 65 / Rockhopper 3 90 / Rockhopper 3 Extreme / Spitfire 65 / Spitfire 90 / Spitfire 100 Extreme / Blizzard 65 / Blizzard 90)

Wit-color , Infinity, galaxy, Allwin , xenons, skycolor, human etc printers
Ink compatibility : eco solvent , uv inks

With small filter small connector ( size:3mmx2mm )

Diameters : outside 3mm * inside 2mm
PE material, suitable for all kinds of ink.

Stable quality, easy to install

Remarks : new

Quantity : 10 pieces

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