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Optical , material sensor

Optical Material Sensor

Brand: ADSNMK Model: SNS-9740150
      Item specification : Encoder Sensor / Raster Sensor / Optical EncoderBrand : AVAGOModel :  HEDS-9740#150  / 360 DPI for Mutoh Inkjet PrinterIt's compatible with all 360 lpi encoder strip inkjet printers .Net Weight: 1gram per piecePacking Size:&nb..
Ex Tax:$2.00
Model: STP-EPN-1390-SNS
      Item specification : Epson encoder sensor 1390 printer optical sensorNeight weight : 18 g per piece Gross weight : 45 g per piece Quantity : 1 piece Fit for following printer model: Epson Stylus Photo 1390 printer encoder sensor Remarks : New original..
Ex Tax:$12.50
Model: EP-ENCD-480
      Item specification :  Epson 4880 printer encoder strip sensor Epson Stylus Pro 4800 inkjet printer grating optical sensor Epson 4400 4800 printer encoder film tape sensor Net weight : 18 g per piece Gross weight : 35 g per piece ..
Ex Tax:$26.00
Model: EP-ENCD-GS6
      Item specification :  Epson GS6000 printer encoder strip sensor Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 inkjet printer grating optical reader sensor Epson GS6000 printer encoder film tape sensor Net weight : 18 g per piece Gross weight : 35 g per ..
Ex Tax:$85.00
Model: MMK-SNS-JV4
      Item specification :  Mimaki printer sensor JV4 printer pump assembly capping detector Mimaki printhead capping station reader JV4 printhead station detective sensor Mimaki JV4 printer head detective sensor solvent ..
Ex Tax:$16.80
Model: MMK-ENCD-JV33
      Item specification :  Mimaki JV5 encoder strip sensor JV33 encoder strip reader Mimaki JV33 TS3 grating encoder strip optical sensor Mimaki JV5 TS5 printer encoder sensor Net weight : 10 g per piece Gross weight : 32&nb..
Ex Tax:$26.00
      Item specification :  Mimaki encoder sensor JV4 printer optical sensor Mimaki printer encoder strip reader JV4 film tape grating detective sensor Mimaki JV4 printer strip detective sensor solvent printer grating strip de..
Ex Tax:$32.00
      Item specification :  Mimaki printer material sensor - paper sensor Mimaki JV5 paper edge sensor JV33 optical sensor Mimaki JV33 TS3 printing material detect optical sensor Mimaki JV5 TS5 printer paper edge sensor Net weight : 10 ..
Ex Tax:$19.50
Model: MT-SNS-900
      Item specification : Mutoh Valujet printer paper width sensor -paper edge sensor Mutoh VJ-1604 1204 1304 printer paper edge sensor Mutoh Value Jet VJ-1604 1604W 1614 paper width sensor Mutoh Value Jet VJ-1604 VJ-1204 VJ-1304 paper edge detect sensor Compatible w..
Ex Tax:$28.00
      Item specification : Mutoh VJ-1604 1204 printer ink stack sensor Mutoh Valuejet  VJ-1618K 1618W 1624 printer ink level sensor Mutoh printer limited sensor VJ-1624 RJ-900C VJ-1204 limit switch Mutoh printer cap pump assembly limit sensor compatible with Muto..
Ex Tax:$23.00
Model: MT-SNS-PF
      Item specification : Mutoh VJ-1638 1628 1618 printer PF raster sensor Mutoh Value Jet 1604 1604W 1614 1624 grating film tape reader Mutoh Value Jet 1618K 1618W 1638 1698H PF grating disc panel sensor Compatible with Mutoh VJ-1604 1604W 1604E 1614 1624 1628; Mutoh VJ-161..
Ex Tax:$26.00
Model: MT-SNS-CR
      Item specification : Mutoh VJ-1618 1638 printer raster sensor Mutoh Value Jet 1618K 1618W 1638 encoder strip sensor Mutoh printer sensor for VJ-1618 1604 1638 grating film tape reader Compatible with Mutoh VJ-1618 1618K 1618W 1638 2606E etc. printer Remarks : New origina..
Ex Tax:$24.00
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